jeudi 8 mai 2008

Alice Guy directed the first narrative motion picture

Alice Guy not only directed the first narrative motion picture, but was the first to use close ups, (something usually attributed to D.W. Griffin), she was the first to film a motion picture in color. First is a word that remains synonymous with Alice Guy. She did the first film noir, the first gay themed film, she was the first to step out from behind the camera to direct actors, at the time all directors handled the camera themselves, and she made extensive use of wax cylinders to give many of her short films a sound track, in other words they were talkies before anyone had coined that term.

Moving to America,Alice Guy ran the largest pre-Hollywood studio in the country. Over her lifetime Guy wrote and directed over three hundred films and yet this Grand Lady of cinema has been all but ignored. It is time that this wrong is righted and Alice Guy given her due as the pioneer among pioneers in film.

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